Racing Procedures

Race Procedures

NOTE: The following is offered as a general guide to racers. Official rules and regulations are governed by USSA (see competition guide) as modified by race officials.


    Racers are expected to complete online registration and payment for all races they plan to run at the beginning of the season. Refunds will be provided at the end of the season for any canceled races or races in which the paid racer did not compete.

  • Registrations on site on the day of the event may be permitted at the discretion of the Race Secretary and the Race Chair, but only to the extent time and space permit.
  • All racers must check in for the race between 8:00AM and 9:00 AM on race day at the Training Center at the base of the mountain between Tyrol and Avalanche slopes.
  • All racers 13 years and older MUST show current USSA Competition License cards at registration. Racers 12 years and younger MUST show current USSA Youth Competitor License cards at registration.
  • NO Racer will be permitted to participate in a USSA race event without presenting a valid membership card.


  • Upon presentation of the appropriate USSA License card at registration, the racer will be given his or her race bib. WPRC staff will hold the USSA license until the racer returns the bib at the end of the race day.
  • The bibs will generally be assigned in start order. Start order is determined by random draw starting with female classes J3/J4/J5 and male J3/J4/J5; followed by master women and men; then seeded female classes J1/J2/Senior & male classes J1/J2/Senior.
  • A preliminary start list will be available at the Registration Desk in the Training Center. This list is subject to change due to last minute registrations or withdrawals on the morning of the race. An official start list will be made available at the top and bottom of the race hill prior to the start of the race.
  • Competitors must carry their official start numbers during inspection. Bibs must be worn in race fashion during any official training or race. Bibs shall not be modified in any way. The penalty for breach of these rules includes disqualification from the race.


  • ALL classes of racers are required to wear helmets in all Giant Slalom (GS) and Super Giant Slalom (Super G) events, in accordance with USSA regulations. This includes forerunners.


  • All racers should meet their coaches for course inspection at the top of avalanche one hour before the start of the race (generally 9:00 AM).
  • During course inspection, skiing through the gates and shadowing is not permitted unless otherwise advised.


  • Unless otherwise noted, race begins at 10:00 AM.
  • Racer must know his or her own starting position. Consult start list. Remember there may be gaps in bib numbers for DNS or otherwise.
  • Racer is responsible to be at starting gate when bib number is called.
  • Racers should have all over clothes removed and be ready to start no later than when the fifth racer ahead starts.
  • Racers should review with coaches the starting commands for slalom and giant slalom.


  • If a racer feels he or she has suffered from interference on the course, he/she MUST SKI OUT OF THE COURSE IMMEDIATELY and request a provisional rerun from the nearest race official or gatekeeper, explaining the specific problem and location. Failure to ski out of the course will preclude the granting of a provisional rerun. Interference includes, but is not limited to, a non-racer skiing into or across the course in the path of the racer.


  • Racers should remain in the finish area for 5 minutes after each run in case one is required to make a rerun.


  • A binding release occurring more than two gates above the finish in slalom and giant slalom shall be considered a "clear disqualification." The racer may not continue on the course after a ski comes off. Unless the racer is hurt, he should remove himself and his equipment from the race course as quickly as possible to avoid obstructing the path of the next racer.
  • A racer may be disqualified (DQ) for other technical reasons such as missing a gate, an improper start, or an exhibition of poor sportsmanship.
  • J-I/J-II/Sr. Racers disqualified in their first run may be permitted to race in the second run depending upon course conditions and decision of race committee. Racers in classes J-III/J-IV/J-V will always compete in both runs because Championship Series (Derby) points are based on best finishes in completed runs rather than races.
  • The OFFICIAL disqualification list is posted in finish area scoreboard window shortly after the completion of each run. A list will be posted even if there have been no disqualifications. Racers concerned that they may have been disqualified must wait until the list is posted in the finish area.
  • A protest of a disqualification must be filed by a coach, if applicable, within 10 minutes after the disqualification is posted. The protest must be accompanied by the applicable protest hearing fee.


  • Time will be announced on P.A. system (but usually around 1:00).
  • Start order for 2nd run is based on 1st run finish results - NOT BIB NUMBER.
  • Start order is posted in scoreboard window prior to start of second run and at top of race course.


  • Times in scoreboard window and on display clock are UNOFFICIAL.
  • Official times will be at award ceremony.
  • Generally speaking, only timing personnel, race administration and race officials are permitted in the timing hut on race day.


  • Racers are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. Use of profanity or poor sportsmanship will result in disqualification. Proper conduct includes respect for competition officials, ski area employees, and the skiing and snowboarding public. During training and on race days, racers are expected to exhibit courtesy and good manners, responsible behavior, and respect for property, facilities, privileges, operating procedures, and closed areas. Throughout the season, racers must abstain from illegal use of alcohol and drugs.


  • Ceremony usually in Alpine Room approximately 1 hour following conclusion of race. Complementary snacks and beverages are available. Cash bar. On mountain race photographs are frequently available for purchase.
  • Trophies are awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place based on combined times of both runs in each of the following classes:
  • Female J-V/VI, J-IV, J-III, J-II and J-1
    Male, J-V/VI, J-IV, J-III, J-II and J-I
    Male Senior, Master
    Female Senior, Master