Training Days

Training sessions begin the second weekend that Seven Springs is open for the season. This enables the coaches to organize their equipment for the season and to participate in a refresher class.

WPRC trains every Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM and Noon to 2:00 PM. Variations in the schedule may occur as needed, and will be posted in the Training Center at the base of the Tyrol slope.

Racers should be ready to go at the WPRC Training Center ten minutes before the start of each training session. There, racers will meet up with their training groups and head off together. At the end of each training session, the coaches will ski back to the Training Center with the racers. Parents can meet their children there.

Training sessions will combine drills, gate training and free skiing, at the discretion of the coaching staff. A comprehensive training schedule will be available on the WPRC website and posted in the Training Center. Questions about the training schedule should be addressed to the Head Coach.

Racers are expected to attend all training sessions. However, attendance is not mandatory and racers are free to attend as their schedules permit. The coaching staff may determine, however, that an individual racer has not trained sufficiently to compete safely in any given race.

In addition to weekend training, WPRC conducts Wednesday night gate training for the J-III and older racers from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM during January and February. Also, Christmas Camp offers the racers an opportunity to train during the week between Christmas and New Years. Christmas Camp generally follows the Saturday schedule, and culminates in a special holiday race.

Training Center

WPRC is grateful to Seven Springs for co-operating in providing the WPRC Training Center at the base of the mountain between Tyrol and Avalanche slopes. The Training Center has lockers, restrooms, tables, ski tuning and waxing facilities and video equipment. Racers can rent a locker in the Training Center to store their skis, boots and other gear throughout the season. Contact the Seven Springs Season Pass Office for locker rental information. The Training Center provides a gathering place for racers, coaches and parents before and after training sessions and during lunch breaks. Frequently, the racers and coaching staff will gather during lunch to review videotape of racers’ gate training.

The Training Center has several message boards where important information is posted concerning training, race results and upcoming events. On race days, the Training Center becomes the place for racers to register and obtain their bibs. A concession stand is operated from the Training Center during races.