WPRC Volunteers

Volunteer Opportunities

WPRC is a volunteer organization run by parents for the benefit of our children. The fees that we all pay help to defray the costs of running the club, including paying our coaches and keeping our timing and other technical equipment up-to-date. However, without the efforts of our parents, the club could not function.

It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to organize a successful race season and to put on the eight or so races that we run at Seven Springs each year. To insure the participation of all parents, each family is required to pay a deposit as security for the completion of volunteer duties. WPRC will refund the duty deposit in proportion to the family's fulfillment of its duties. Volunteers are encourage to exceed the minimum duty requirements and will be specially recognized for such efforts.

Unlike most volunteer organizations, WPRC offers a wide variety of opportunities to get involved. Gate keeping is far from the only volunteer opportunity offered by WPRC. Gate keeping is an essential part of each race, and we do not want to discourage parents from signing up for gate keeping duty. However, we do want to advise parents of other rewarding ways of contributing to the club. It is also important for the continuation of the club that more people learn the other aspects of race day, such as timing and race administration. As our children grow and move on, so do their parents. To assure the viability of our club into the future, we must have people ready and capable of stepping into the many roles filled by parents currently.

Following is a list of volunteer positions available for parent volunteers:

    ANNOUNCER: Make announcements over P.A. system during race, including "gateby- gate" coverage. Should be proficient at pronouncing unusual names.
    AWARDS AND AWARD CEREMONIES: Order and pick-up trophies for each race. Deliver to site of award ceremony. Coordinate award ceremonies/banquets with Seven Springs. Skiing not required. Must have a truck or car with adequate trunk space.
    BIB COLLECTION: Collect bibs from racers after event at bottom of race hill, exchange for USSA cards. Skiing not required. Persistence at getting attention of distracted teenagers recommended.
    CONCESSIONS: Man the goody table at training center on race day. Pester parents to bring baked goods. Skiing not required. Good bakers encouraged to apply.
    COURSE MAINTENANCE: Ski through gates during race (between racers) to even out the ruts. Must be a skier, proficient at snowplowing, and good with a rake.
    CROWD CONTROL: Prevent skiing public from crossing racecourse in finish area. Skiing not required. Authoritative voice a plus.
    FINISH HUT COMMUNICATIONS: Communicate official results to Results Board via portable radio. Calculate accuracy of hand times. Skiing not required. Math skills a must.
    FINISH REFEREE: Observe finishes. Record racers as they cross finish line. Note any abnormalities in finish. Skiing not required. USSA license required. Sunglasses recommended for looking up hill into the sun (and for looking cool.)
    GATEKEEPING: Stand on the race hill with clipboard and record skiers who miss gates. Must be a skier, have warm clothes, and basic drawing skills with gloves on.
    JV-VI DERBY: Organize work list and buddy list for racers to put on the event. Coordinate with Seven Springs regarding banquet. Arrange for trophies, medals and Tshirts. This event requires the work of several parents to pull off, despite the fact it is put on by our racers.
    HAND TIME FINISH: Same as Hand Time Start, except timer is recording time-of-day as to when racers cross finish line. Also, this job does not require skiing.
    HAND TIME START: Operate stopwatch. Record time-of-day (to hundredths of a second) as to when racers start. Skiing required. Good hand writing a plus (Petersen method of penmanship preferred.)
    PRIMARY TIMER: Same as Secondary Timer (just more important.) Also, communicate via headset with Starter regarding when the course is clear to send the next racer. Skiing not required.
    RACE CHAIR: Oversees all group leaders on race day. Works with Duty Roster person to assure duty slots are filled.
    RACE REGISTRATION: Register racers via start lists on morning of race. Obtain USSA cards, exchange for race bibs. Check in racers on race day and work with Race Secretary to input data. Skiing not required. A cool head is.
    RACE RESULTS PACKET MANAGEMENT: Prepare documents for race officials to sign on race day and for USSA liaison to submit as official results. Skiing not required. Organization skills required.
    RACE SECRETARY: Receive race vouchers and enter racer information into software prior to race day and during Registration (walk-ins.) Collect race fees, keep track of monies collected and apply to appropriate racer. Generate start lists and official results. Computer literacy essential. Skiing not required. Must have a large briefcase.
    RACER LINEUP: Assure racers are in line in start list order at start gate. Must be a skier. A loud voice is a must. (See Patty Kropelak for details.)
    RESULTS BOARD: Communicate with Finish Hut Communicator regarding official results and post same on Results Board in window. Skiing not required. Ability to ignore people tapping on the window recommended.
    SECONDARY TIMER: Operate computer software on laptop for back-up timing. Must be computer-literate. Skiing not required.
    START REFEREE: Observe starts, rule on false starts, racers who do not adhere to start order, etc. Must be skier (see above). USSA license required.
    STARTER: As racers line up in start gate, deliver the official cadence to start each racer (e.g., "Racer, ready ... GO!"). Communicate via headset with finish hut regarding clear to start next racer. Must be a skier (or have an alternative means of getting to the top and bottom of the hill.)
    USSA LIAISON: Complete Race Agreements in October. Send race results to all necessary via hard copy and email. Skiing not required. Must be computer literate and have access to photocopying facility.
    OTHER OPPORTUNITIES: Throughout the year, other ways of getting involved will present themselves. These include operating video equipment on training and race days, assisting with computer and technical issues, working on the J3 Derby, which is hosted annually by WPRC at Seven Springs, contributing to the Newsletter, obtaining a sponsor for a race, fundraising, organizing off-mountain trips to other ski areas, and countless other ways.

Getting involved in WPRC will not only help your child and the club. It will also introduce you to the many different aspects of ski racing, and to a host of new people with whom you will have an instant connection: your kids and their love of skiing. We encourage you to become familiar with a number of the different roles outlined above. Challenge yourself as our children do everyday on the race hill!