WPRC Volunteer Procedures

Volunteer Procedures

At the beginning of each race season, parents will have an opportunity to sign up for various volunteer activities described in the volunteer section of the site. The duty roster for each race will be available on the website and will be posted in the Training Center.

Each family member is responsible for determining his or her assigned duties. Ignorance is no excuse. If you are unable to fulfill your duty on any given day, it is your responsibility to find a suitable replacement. Any changes in the duty roster assignments must be communicated and approved by the Chair of the race affected.

The race day volunteer opportunities are divided into five categories as follows:


    Finish Hut Communication
    Hand Time Finish
    Hand Time Start
    Primary Timer
    Results Board
    Secondary Timer


    Gate Keeping
    Finish Referee
    Start Referee


    Course Maintenance
    Crowd Control
    Racer line-up


    Bib Collection
    Race Chair
    Race Registration
    Race Results Management
    Race Secretary
    USSA Liaison


    Awards & Ceremonies

For each race day, a "group leader" will be designated for each category of volunteer duties. Each race will also have a "Race Chair" who will be responsible for overseeing all group leaders and volunteers. The week prior to the race, the Chair should contact each group leader to assure their attendance and understanding of their roles. Similarly, each group leader should contact all volunteers in their group for the upcoming race. Any problems or substitutions should be reported promptly to the Race Chair.

On the morning of the race, volunteers must check in with their respective group leaders as indicated on the duty roster. The time and place where each volunteer is to report will also be indicated on the duty roster. Group leaders will inform volunteers of their duties and answer any questions. Volunteers should follow any additional instructions provided by the group leaders, including checking back in after the lunch break or at the conclusion of the race. The group leaders will certify to the Race Chair that volunteers have fulfilled their duty, and credit will be given against the volunteer duty deposit.

Volunteers are encouraged to sign up for their chosen duty for as many races as possible. Ideally, a group leader (e.g., of Timing or Gate Keeping) will serve in that role throughout the race season.