Season Wrap Up

I hope everyone enjoyed the U12/10/8 Derby and year end banquet this weekend.  What a year it has been, another roller coaster ride weather wise.  I think this year derby may have been the best snow conditions we had for a year end race that I can remember.  It was awesome to see the mountain covered in white on March 10th!

The banquet photo booth seemed to be a big hit this year as I saw some really great pictures out there.  

Volunteer refunds:
One item I forgot to address during the banquet was the volunteer refunds.  We are working to process those this week through PayPal.  You will receive a notification via PayPal when the refund it processed.  If you have any questions, please reach out to me.

End of year gift:
I know a few of our racers were away and unable to get the WPRC ball hats from the banquet.  Please email me and I'll do my best to get those to you quickly.

Your feedback:
Lastly, this club works because of all the hard work of our coaches and parent volunteers.  A huge thank you to everyone who helped make this a great season.  We will be putting out a few surveys at the end of this year to get your feedback.  We want to know what we did well and areas that we can improve.  You should see the survey email in the next week.  We are also going to put out a survey regarding uniforms.  Next season is our last season with the current uniforms.  It takes a tremendous amount of planning and coordination for our teams uniform orders.  We are exploring various brands and want to get your input.  You'll see a separate survey focused on team uniforms and what's most important to you when we are evaluating brand options.

I hope everyone enjoys the snow over the next few weekends.  If you go west or east and are wearing your WPRC gear... tag us in your photos!  We'd love to share pics of the team as you travel and enjoy the rest of this winter season.

Thank you,