Weekend recap - 1/7/2018

Hi everyone,

What a fantastic weekend of skiing, I know it was cold but the snow conditions are some of the best I can remember in recent memory at 7 springs.  I hope you got out enjoyed the snow this weekend.

A huge thank you to every one of our volunteers, visiting programs, and those traveling from PARA to support the race adjustment this weekend.  It is not a small task to move a race and it took a lot of work to get that accomplished.  A big thank you to Jimi and Charles for handling all of the coordination with PARA and USSS and a big thank you to Mark for coordinating with all of the volunteers.

We have a big race weekend coming up, where we are hosting the first of the PA Cup series for our older racers.  The race is for U16 and U19 racers and will be two days of slalom racing.  This is a great chance to get in some of your volunteer credits for the season and if you are new to the club, don't be afraid to reach out to Mark.  We can always find a job for you and you will see some great racing this weekend.

A friendly reminder to all of our volunteers.  If you are unable to make it for your job assignment, please let Mark know.  We know unexpected things can come up, but we need you to let us know so we can make sure your role is filled.  This weekends race had over 33 volunteers (that's not including the coaches) to run.  It's really amazing to see the group come together for a race, so please give us a heads up if something changes... we are counting on you!

A parent mentioned to me that some of the kids are not aware of our use of the remind platform for race day communications.  This platform is available to any and all who wish to receive notifications.  Please share with your kids who have mobile devices, details here: http://wprcskiteam.org/news/516

Please continue to check the calendar for events, but I did want to call out the next social.  We are planning a group snow tubing social on 1/20.  The time is still being worked and more details to follow later this week.

Have a great week everyone and we'll see back on the mountain soon!