Athlete Parade at Killington World Cup

USSA Eastern is inviting all State/Division/Teams to participate in the 2017 World Cup Opening Ceremony Parade on Sunday morning, November 26, 2017. 

If any WPRC racers are going to the World Cup in Killington this year and would be interested in participating as a PARA member in the parade, please contact Jim DiBiase (jcdibiase@gmail.com) to let him know ASAP (i.e. by this weekend 10/15).

Preliminary Details:

1. Entry to the World Cup will be FREE for Eastern USSA athletes and chaperones.

2. They will provide detailed information on BUS ACCESS to the World Cup Village.

3. We will have a designated STAGING AREA to organize the parade by State / Division.

4. Each athlete is asked to wear YOUR CLUB UNIFORM in the Parade.

5. Each Club will be responsible for supplying CHAPERONES for your group (roughly 1 chaperone per every 10 kids), and for getting your team to and from the staging area.

6. We will march into DESIGNATED AREAS TO WATCH THE RACE. (Or you can disperse to watch with your family after the parade has ended.)

Additional Details Published on PARA website on 11/5.