Early Season Camps - Updated 11/11/17

We hope everyone is getting back into their school routines and enjoying some fall sports.  Winter is just around the corner and we are already gearing up for another great season.

Last season we received feedback from the membership regarding information on early season camps.  While WPRC does not run an early season camp, we highly recommend attending one if you can.  It's a great way to get on snow early and get some training runs in.  We receive information from many camps and will be posting details on each for the membership.  We are not promoting one camp over another and recommend you leverage our facebook group to post questions or see if others are planning to attend a camp.  With that said, if any members are planning to attend a camp please provide the information (you can email me directly: tj.greenier@gmail.com) and we'll share to see if any other athletes would like to join you.

Please see the following link for the Gould Academy Camp: https://gouldacademy.org/on-snow/training-camps/

Update: Some WPRC team members will be attending the Tichy camp Nov 11-18: http://www.tichyracing.com/colorado/

Update 11/11/17: We received information for another preseason camp for U14-19 at CVA in Sugarloaf, Maine December 3-10.  If any club members are interested please contact Dave Bruno at 724-994-6955 / email davebruno55@gmail.com or Luigi at lgdiianni@gmail.com.  There is limited space and it is on a first come first serve basis.