UPMC Sports Medicine - mobility and stability exercises

Our friends at UPMC Sports Medicine have a world of resources to help our athletes succeed both on and off the slopes.  We have tapped into their experts for recommended exercises to help with skiing.

These first sets of exercises help with mobility and stability.  Try incorporating them into your drylands activities this fall.  As you start new exercises, don't over do it at first.  Remember to gradually increase your repetitions and intensity over several workouts.

The following links will take you to word documents including descriptions and images of the exercises:
The plan is to develop additional exercises for both on and off the slope.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated.  If you would like to see any specific types of exercises, please feel free to let Charles Donnellan (c_donnellan@hotmail.com) know.

Thank you to UPMC Sports Medicine for their continued support of WPRC!