WPRC Board Changes and next season

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer.  While we didn't get the snow we hoped last season, some resorts are still skiing into the 4th of July weekend!  Send me your summer skiing pictures and we'll post on the WPRC instagram account.

Board Changes:
Toward the end of the season we made changes to the WPRC board.  Steve Fischetti will be stepping down as WPRC President and I will be stepping in as club President.  Steve will be continuing on as a board member, providing his guidance and support to the club.  I think I speak for the membership in saying a huge thank you to Steve for his leadership and guidance.  I'm very excited he will be remaining on the board and also excited to step into the role of President.  Steve leaves bigs shoes to fill, but I look at it more as setting a high standard that our club will strive to maintain and enhance.

We've also added Tara Heidenriech as a board member and the club treasurer.  Tara will be taking over this responsibility from Meg Aalcron, who has done a fabulous job serving as our treasurer for the last several years.  Rachel Davis joined us this year as a board member, secretary for the club and our race secretary.  Tom Wandel will also be joining the board this season.

I'm very excited about the future of WPRC.  As in years past, we welcome your feedback and suggestions to help improve the club.  

Looking Ahead:
While it's months away, we are starting preparation for next season.  Jim DiBiase, Charles Donnellan and myself represented WPRC at the PARA Spring Meeting on May 5th.  We will send a follow up communication regarding the event and decisions made for the upcoming season.

Communication within the club will continue to be enhanced.  I've received a lot of positive feedback from the membership on the addition of email notification when club news is posted.  We will continue that next season.

I'm planning to send more frequent message from the club regarding activity, such as board meeting notes and requests for membership support for committees.

We are exploring options for remodeling the training center for next season.  The goal is to provide a more appealing location for athletes, members and coaches to socialize during lunch and after practice.  We all realize the continuing state of the training center is not ideal.  More to come on this as we engage with the mountain regarding options.

I'd like to formalize a social committee for next season.  We intend to plan more events in addition to the Christmas Camp social.  Ideas presented are: tubing night, skating night, bowling night, etc.  If you have ideas or would like to participate, please let me know.

I wish you all a great summer.  My email is tj.greenier@gmail.com, feel free to contact me between now and next season if you have any questions or feedback.