Sponsorship Opportunity

WPRC is planning to obtain two 10 x 10 popup tents for use at the finish area during races.  We wanted to reach out to the membership to see if anyone is interesting in sponsoring a tent.  Our sponsorship program helps us offset the costs of running the racing program.  It's a great opportunity to get your name out at each race and we expect the life of the tent to last three seasons.  We are working out details of the layout and you could be involved with that process.  The tents will be branded as WRPC and your sponsorship logo/social media handle/website, etc. 

If anyone is interested in this opportunity, please reach out to TJ (tj.greenier@gmail.com) by December 15th.

First Day of Training is Saturday 12/16/17

WPRC will start practice on Saturday 12/16/17.
Coaches will meet athletes outside the WPRC Training Center at the base of Tyrol Slope.  Morning practice starts at 9:00 am and afternoon practice starts at noon.  Please show up 15 minutes early to take care of early season logistics.  Before training start, please make sure your kids are:
  1. signed up & paid for WPRC,
  2. have a valid US Ski and Snowboard license, and
  3. wearing a ski helmet.
Kids will not be allowed to train if they do not have all 3.

This Coming Weekend (12/9-12/10) - No Training:
While there is no training this weekend (12/9-12/10), we would like to encourage everyone to get out and ski this weekend.  The more mileage you can get in, the better prepared you will be once training starts.

Early season conditions can be variable, so please ease into the season.  Start off slow, and gradually increase speed and intensity.  Make plenty of turns and keep it slow.  No races will be won this weekend, but a season can be lost!

General membership meeting follow up

Hi everyone,

It was great to see many of you at the general membership meeting this past weekend.  I know some of you were unable to attend, so we have posted the slides here: http://www.wprcskiteam.org/2017_WPRC_membership_meeting.pdf

You can also access the slides at any time via the membership console.  A few key notes that I want to draw to your attention:
  • Please remember the membership renewals for returning members are due by 12/15, a late fee of $100 will be applied there after.  Membership will close 12/31.
  • We are keeping a close watch on the weather and conditions regarding an official start date for training.  We plan to make a call regarding this weekend by Thursday.
  • Many asked about uniforms, we have a few soft shells available and one size 10 junior jacket left in stock.  Please use our Facebook group to share any uniforms you may be looking to sell or if you are looking for a particular size.
That's all for now.  We are all wishing for a very snowy season, so hoping for some cold temps to stick around this week.  As always if you have any questions, please reach out.


Early Season Camps - Updated 11/11/17

We hope everyone is getting back into their school routines and enjoying some fall sports.  Winter is just around the corner and we are already gearing up for another great season.

Last season we received feedback from the membership regarding information on early season camps.  While WPRC does not run an early season camp, we highly recommend attending one if you can.  It's a great way to get on snow early and get some training runs in.  We receive information from many camps and will be posting details on each for the membership.  We are not promoting one camp over another and recommend you leverage our facebook group to post questions or see if others are planning to attend a camp.  With that said, if any members are planning to attend a camp please provide the information (you can email me directly: tj.greenier@gmail.com) and we'll share to see if any other athletes would like to join you.

Please see the following link for the Gould Academy Camp: https://gouldacademy.org/on-snow/training-camps/

Update: Some WPRC team members will be attending the Tichy camp Nov 11-18: http://www.tichyracing.com/colorado/

Update 11/11/17: We received information for another preseason camp for U14-19 at CVA in Sugarloaf, Maine December 3-10.  If any club members are interested please contact Dave Bruno at 724-994-6955 / email davebruno55@gmail.com or Luigi at lgdiianni@gmail.com.  There is limited space and it is on a first come first serve basis. 


Updated 2017-2018 Equipment Specifications posted 5/18/17


This past year USSA saw many issues with equipment rules and their implementation throughout all of the regions - not just Eastern and not just PARA!  Knowing that they needed to review the rules, USSA assembled a very talented group of individuals and formed the "2017-2018  Equipment Task Force".  See the 2017-2018 Equipment Task Force's recommendations here.  During the May USSA Congress, their recommended set of equipment rules for U19 and above in USSA races (not FIS) was approved by both the USSA Alpine Sport Committee and the USSA Board of Directors.

Essentially, the rules for U16 athletes will now apply to U19 and above athletes.  There are no changes to the U16 and U14 ski radius and length specifications from this past season.

Here is a link to the USSA Equipment Rules posted 5/18/17:  http://alpine.usskiteam.com/sites/default/files/documents/athletics/athleticsexecutive/2014-15/documents/2017-2018-Equipment.pdf

This is a significant change for U19 and older athletes.  The new rules are minimum requirements only.  There will be cases where athletes will choose to use a longer ski, or a ski with a greater radius than the minimum based on size, level of conditioning and skiing skill level.  These new equipment rules only apply to USSA racing.  Athletes racing in FIS races will need to comply with FIS equipment rules.

Be aware that USSA releases updates to the rules (a.k.a. precisions) throughout the year.  We will communicate changes to equipment rules as we become aware.  However, please refer to USSA.org for the latest rules.

To find the latest USSA rules, go to USSA.org, click on "Alpine", then click on the "Athletes" icon, and refer to the "Rules" thumb tab.  Here is a link directly to the page:  http://alpine.usskiteam.com/alpine-programs/athletes/rules

Please contact Jim DiBiase (jcdibiase@gmail.com) or Charles Donnellan (c_donnellan@hotmail.com) should you have any questions regarding the equipment rules.