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  • Do I need to volunteer?

    Yes.  Remember, you get out of an organization, what you put into it.  This is a parent run organization.  We are not a paid organization and the program will only be able to continue if we all volunteer.

  • Who do I contact to volunteer on race day? What if I do not ski?

    There are many facets to running an event.  The club becomes flooded with enthusiastic racers from all over the region!

    On the race hill, WPRC coaches are up before the crack of dawn, setting the course, putting up B-netting, etc. What you may do as parent, is help the race run smoothly by volunteering!

    For each race, (races posted on the web site), there are so many jobs to pick from.  If you do not ski, there are inside jobs available at the lunch area, bottom of the hill gate keeping, the timing hut, registration, and crowd control finish line area and bib collection.  For those of you who do ski, there are many jobs to choose from in addition to the non skiing duties! Gate keeping and many more!

     To volunteer, please contact Mark Tulenko at alpine.volunteers@wprcskiteam.org