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  • Is there training on race day for those not racing?

    Yes, there is training for the U12 & U10 skiers who are not racing.  All club members should be experiencing race day.  Your child's coach will determine if they are ready to race or not ready to race.  Please talk with your child's coach.

  • How & when do I register my child for race day?

    Race RegistrationĀ will be processed online. Please visit the Race Registration of the site for more details. It is recommended to register for all races at one time.  Please visit the web site to view the list of races.

    Again, it is recommended to do this all at one time in the beginning of the season.  Registration for that race closes on the Wednesday prior to the race.  This way, it is all done.  You will not have to remember each week before the race & you will avoid the late fee.  

  • What is the average race day schedule?

    Registration generally opens at 7:45 am.  Registration is held at the Training Center. 

    Course inspection (45 minutes to 60 minutes) is around 8:30 am.  This can vary depending upon the weather & the event. 

    First run usually begins immediately after the course inspection has closed.

    All classes take their 1st run, via age & gender, then there is a break for the 2nd course set (get lunch) and then it starts over again with the 2nd run course inspection.  Some races run faster than others. Racers should always check at the top of the hill as to approximately what time they should be at the top.  Racers should always factor in the time in the lift line.

    Parents please do not worry about figuring this all out at once.  On race day all hands are on deck volunteering to run the event, so we (parents who have been in the club for awhile) are there to help show you the way.   Basically, parents run the event and the coaches are there to coach your children.   This really builds a sense of community within our great program!   Don't fret if you don't ski, there is a job for everyone! (See how do I volunteer?)

  • Do I need to wear a speed suit on race day?

    Most kids do but it's not required.  U10 & U12, your team uniform or a speed suit is great.  It is more about the experience and the fun of racing!

  • What is a derby?

    Derby is another term for state championship and determines what athletes qualify for further post season events.  The races held throughout the season determine who is eligible to compete in their age group derby.

    WPRC plays host to the U14 age group derby/ State Championships in late February.

    The U12/U10 derby that WPRC holds is a funĀ race for our younger racers within the club, not state wide.  This usually takes place in early March and it coincides with the year end banquet.