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  • What does WPRC stand for?

    Western Pennsylvania Race Club (more information about the club is on the web site under Home -> About Us.

  • When does the season begin? When does the season end?

    The first day on snow as a team is usually the 2nd weekend that Seven Springs is open for skiing.  The 1st weekend is designated for the coaches to get on snow together.  The official weekend to begin will be posted on the web site, please keep an eye out for 'official' message.

    The last weekend depends on the weather.  Usually, the U12 & U10 derby is the first or second weekend in March.  Again, watch the message board.

    Just a suggestion & a very handy tool to know what is going in in the club, follow us on twitter and facebook.  We post messages to the site, twitter and facebook.

  • What are the regular hours of training?

    Saturdays: 9-11 am & 12-2   Sundays 9-11 & 12-2

    The break is for lunch, ski with your children, church, and find dry clothes for your kids or what ever you choose to do.  The coaches leave the training center promptly so, arrive a few minutes early so your child doesn't miss the group leaving.

  • Where do I drop my child off and where do I pick them up?

    The Training Center is the quaint little hut between Tyrol and Avalanche chair before the ski patrol building.  Please do not block the path on the snow, in front of the training center for ski patrol.  Come down into the little bowl area and please help us by keeping your child's skis off the ski slope path.  Please drop your children off at the training center and wait with them until the coach arrives (U12&U10).

    Your children must be ready to go with their helmet, neck up, gloves, ski pass visible, goggles, glove warmers, ski clothes, ski-boots, and poles all on and ready to go!  You will also pick your child up here as well unless you personally make arrangements with your child's coach prior to leaving. 

  • How should I dress my child?

    Okay, don't laugh this is geared more towards the U12 & U10 group.  Your child should always have a neck up in their jacket and an unopened package of hand warmers.  On really rainy/wet snow days it would behoove the parent to have an extra set of dry gloves/mittens, dry socks & neck up to change out on your child at lunch time.   It is also a good idea to take the boots home Saturday night and dry out for Sunday.   Layering is the key: long underwear, turtleneck, light weight fleece and then ski jacket/pants.  On really cold days a neck up with the light weight hat is really a great idea for under the helmet and a neck up to cover their face.   Ski socks are essential.  Most kids have an extra set of everything in a gear bag or backpack that they leave in the Training Center for the day. 


  • Does my child need a helmet? YES

    All kids enrolled in the WPRC program must wear a skiing specific helmet at all times when they are skiing with the program.    If you have a question regarding your helmet, ask the coach.  You may find regulation helmets (those with hard ear covering, not flaps) at local shops, on line or possibly at our pre-season equipment swap after the general membership meeting. (date & time posted on web site home page)


  • What type of equipment does my child need?


    For the older kids (U21-U14), they know what they need, if you are not sure; ask your coach.  

    For the U12 & U10 kids, a good buckled boot, skis with up to date bindings and poles...and a regulation helmet. 

    All skiers must have poles. Equipment should be fitted properly by a ski professional for the proper ski length and request a general race ski which is best for our program. A 3-4 buckle boot is recommended for our younger skiers.

  • May I pull my child out of a training session before it is over?

    Yes you may, however, please make all arrangements with your child's ski coach directly.  It is best to pull them out at the break between sessions. 

  • What if my child gets injured?

    Please write your cell phone numbers and another contact number on the back of your child's Season ski pass in permanent marker.  In the event we need to contact you for whatever reason the coach will have quick access to you.   The ski patrol building is located at the bottom of Avalanche ski slope.

  • Will my child always ride the ski lift with a coach?

    No. One of the requirements for the club (U10 and U12) is the child's ability to be able to get on and off the chair lift on their own.  While the coaches are with the group at all times, they will alternate with whom they ride the lift with.  All other age groups (U21 - U14) must be a competent skier as we are not a "learn to ski program" but learn to race and compete in competitions. Questions on your child's ability, please email us.

  • What is Christmas Camp? Is there an additional fee? What are the hours of training during this camp?

    Christmas camp is open to all members at no addition fee.

    It takes place during the school break, between 12/26 to 12/31.  

    We follow the normal schedule and there is only a half day training session (9am-11am) on New Years Eve day and no training on New Years Day.  

  • What is USSA?

    United States Ski Snowboard Association

    If you join WPRC, you must join USSA as well.  As of 2010-11 ski season, PARA and USSA is a combined registration and fee when you sign up with USSA.


  • Why do I need join USSA?

    If you join WPRC, you need to join USSA.  The member needs this to train with WPRC and to compete.  On competition day, the USSA card must be physically present for registration and to get your bib.  

  • Do I need to join, PARA & USSA if my child is in the program but not racing?

    Yes, this is required and it is not optional.

  • Do I need a Nastar Pass?

    Yes.  As of the 2011-12 ski season, the Nastar Pass is now included in all WPRC memberships.  There will be a WPRC membership list that will be periodically updated at the pass office. The Nastar pass number will be printed on the back of your child's pass or the Nastar team will write your child's number.