Robb Alarcon

    Age: 52, wait ... what?!  How does this keep happening?!

    Family:  Meg, Will (19) & Van (17)

    Home: Thornburg, PA


      USSA Alpine Coach Level 100, AO, RF, CO

      WPRC Coach: 91-93, and 2007 - Present

      DEVO Race Camp Coach: 2011 - Present

      7 Springs Racing Coach: 94-99/2003-2005

      Ski Bum/White Water Guide, Breckenridge CO, 1985-88

      Pitt Ski Team, 89-91

    Education / Career:

      B.S. Electrical Engineering - University of Pittsburgh

      VP of Engineering and Operations for InSite Wireless (Cellular/Telecom)

    Other Sports & activities:

      Cycling (Road, Cyclocross, MTB)

      Ski Touring/BC Skiing & Ski-Mountaineering

      Fledgling @ fly fishing


      Couch Luge Zen Master